Rogue Fleet

NiFTy Arcade’s 14th NFT mini-game is a space shooter called Rogue Fleet that was originally developed by Josep del Rio for the JS13K games competition.

In this game, the player controls a hero starship battling an enemy fleet throughout multiple levels of increasing difficulty. The player can also upgrade their ship’s weapons and defenses by collecting resources throughout the game.

Version 2.02 of this game features 6 different levels and 5 different upgradeable power-ups.

Game Information

  • Platforms: Desktop & Mobile
  • Controls (Desktop): WSAD/Arrows (movement), Space or Enter key to launch a bomb.
  • Controls (Mobile): Drag your finger to move the ship, tap with a second finger to launch a bomb.

About The Code

  • Languages: Vanilla JS + CSS
  • Original Developer: Josep Del Rio
  • Project Source: View on GitHub
  • Known Issues: Currently the ‘Endgame’ level is not launching correctly on mobile, however it does work properly within GameStop’s NFT wallet.

NFT Information