Bounce Back

NiFTy Arcade’s sixth NFT mini-game is an homage to Zelda, this boomerang roguelite game was originally developed by Frank Force for the js13k competition.

In this game, players control a hero equipped with a boomerang weapon as they traverse 10 procedurally generated levels filled with monsters.

Version 1.03 of this game features 3x enemy types, 7x types of pickups, 16x different sound effects, giant and invisible enemy variants, nostalgic music and much MUCH more.

Game Information

  • Supported Platforms: Desktop
  • Controls: WSAD (to move hero)
  • Controls: Mouse (to aim boomerang), Mouse Click (to throw boomerang)
  • Other Controls: Spacebar (to dash), Quick Attack (B key)

About The Code

  • Languages: Vanilla JS + CSS
  • Original Developer: Frank Force
  • Project Source: View on GitHub
  • Known Issues: The quick attack allows boomerang count to go negative, this will be fixed in the next version.

NFT Information

  • Original Mint Date: June 8, 2022
  • Total NFT’s Minted: 10,000
  • Total NFT’s distributed: ~9,900