Donate Gas Money

Our mission is to provide access and accessibility of proven DD to the community and to the world in an NFT-friendly format

While the gas fees to transfer NFTs on Layer-2 are substantially more reasonable than on Layer-1, they’re still not free and sending out thousands of NFTs eventually starts to add up… So, we’ve created these 8x NFTs to help establish a gas-fund for future NFT drops. 

Note: All of the free DD NFTs we share are minted at a 0% creator royalty which means neither BYOA or the original DD authors profit off of these NFTs in any way.

Gas donations are not required to receive free NFTs from us. However, if you’re interested in supporting this initiative, please feel free to purchase one of the NFTs from our collection below. 100% of the loops you spend on these NFTs will be used to pay our L2 gas fees.

If you would prefer not to purchase an NFT and to send gas directly you can send coins to; BeYourOwnArcade.eth

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Thank you for your consideration and for helping us continue to share the worlds best DD with the community 💜