This contest has ended.

NiFTy Arcade: Kitten Cannon NFT mini-game

Kitten Cannon Contest

We’re running a long-shot contest for Kitten Cannon this week with a 200 LRC prize pool;

  • 20 LRC each for the first 5x players to score over 1,500 (score of 1,501 or better).
  • 100 LRC for the player who achieves the highest score during the contest.

We have begun distributing the game and will continue to do so as more L2 wallets roll in. This contest will open @ 7:41p EDT on Sunday, July 10th and will close on Wednesday, July 13th @ 7:41p EDT. 

High score submissions will be accepted via Twitter, simply tweet @NiFTyArcade with a screenshot showing the score you achieved within your GameStop wallet and we’ll hook you up with your prize.

Note: We will review the exif metadata from the submitted screenshots to verify the screenshot/score was indeed taken during the contest hours. Any screenshots/scores submitted from outside contest hours will be disqualified from the competition. We encourage honest play.

Long-Shot Leaderboard

Current high-score to beat;

  • 5,259 set by @Vividel3 @ on July 12th 7:46p EDT

Side-quest winners, the first 5x players to score over 1,500;

The leaderboard above was last updated on Wednesday, July 13th @ 7:30p EDT